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Penis Cages

All about penis cages.

Penis cages aka male chastity cages aka cock cages come in many shapes and sizes. We have designed this site to help you find the perfect penis cages for your lifestyle. If you are hard core into the male chastity scene that's great and we can find you the right cock cage. Looking to test the waters we can help you make an informed choices. Want to try adding a penis cage for sex play? we can help with that. There are many other items that go along with penis cages like anal locks, ass stretchers, penis and ball crushers, sissy wear and spandex fetish gear including penis displays. There are interesting cock rings in many shapes and sizes that men who are into male chastity often use. Male chastity cages come in many shapes and sizes along with many different materials. Metal penis cages are the most popular followed by plastic cages and silicone cages. Penis size will have a lot to do the cage you choose and lucky for most men there are many designs made for smaller penises. Most men choose a penis cage by the way it looks which is fine but you need to make sure you can see the cage being used on a real penis either in person or a nice close up photo. The most important decision you will make is the size of the cock ring portion of your cage. Many of the plastic and silicone cages come with multiple size rings but with the metal cock cages you need to choose a size. You want a tight fit but not to tight. Measure from the base of the penis below the balls but include the shaft. Typical sizes are 1.5", 1.75 and 2" with 1.75 being by far the most popular.

Getting Acquainted with Penis Cages

When it comes to penis cages, it can be a bit of difficulty in getting accustomed to them. They are used for chastity training as well as following training and after they have entered into their relationships with their Key Holder, Master, or Mistress. These devices are really miniature cages with tiny bars as well as a little lock with a key. Once the cages are put in place over the penis, it is locked and the key is turned over to the dominant partner for safekeeping. Submissives are not allowed to be released from their cages without permission from their dominants. Permission can be gained when the submissive has been particularly obedient or it is time for both the penis and cage to be cleaned in order to avoid infection. Cleaning is a very important part of using cages for penises or they can cause such things as serious infections and that can be quite dangerous.  The other reason is to make sure that the submissive behaves himself and does not attain a true erection without the permission of his dominant.

Love Those Penis Cages

When it comes to learning all about the rules of true domination and submission, nothing beats penis cages. These are, obviously, miniature cages as suggested by their names. They are fitted around a man’s penis and then locked into place with a small key. These cages teach men how to avoid random erections when they are in certain situations such as being allowed to go to a club for a couple of hours. Certain dominant partners will allow their submissive male to go out for a little bit of fun. Of course, the dominants are probably just hiding discreetly at the other end of the bar to make sure that he is behaving himself. You can also bet that if he heads into the bathroom with another woman sneakily following him, that dominant partner will be coming right up on their heels. You are going to be checked up on so that the penis cage can continue to do its job.

Penis cages

There are a bunch of penis cages available these days and most guys aren’t even aware of them. It really is sad that something so amazing can be hidden from plain site because few guys are actually looking for it. I feel that most of the guys that aren’t aware of how great using a cage like this can be simply haven’t been told about them yet. I am sure that if they had been told about these wondrous cages, they would be lining up to buy them. You just have to find that one cage that makes you realize this is what you have been missing out on. I know that I fell in love with the idea of wearing penis cages after a friend sent me a link to them as a joke.

Now, I haven’t told my friend that I became interested in wearing anything like this and I certainly wouldn’t tell him that I had been wearing my cage for the last two months. But these things are really amazing to wear, and I love the control that I have gained over my body. This is probably the main reason that I continue to wear these cages after all.