This style male chastity cage is for the ultimate security and control. The penis is completely caged and connected to that is an anal lock which keeps any back door action going on. Though this style is used often for gay and Bi men it is growing in popularity with straight men. Many straight men who are forced into male chastity will look elsewhere to get sex without the Mistress, girlfriend or wife's knowing about it. The easiest way is to learn to enjoy anal sex. People are getting wise to this fact and our locking up the anus too. Perfect.

Yes this is the services page but the truth is if you are into wearing penis cages or being forced to wear penis cages the only services you will need are where to find male chastity devices, where to find male chastity training and maybe the services of a Mistress, Master or Key Holder. As far as sex goes it's no go, get used to it!

Penis Cages

Male chastity cage